Press release: 10th EUROSLAG CONFERENCE in Thessaloniki

Press release

10th EUROSLAG CONFERENCE in Thessaloniki, Greece

“As the last EUROSLAG Conference in Metz, France, in 2017, was of high interest for the steel industry and the organizations and companies concerned with ferrous slag based products, we can gladly announce that there will be a similar conference in October 2019. The EUROSLAG Conference has become the focal point of interest for the slag value chain”, says Thomas Reiche, Chairman of EUROSLAG. From the 8th to the 11th October 2019, the University of Thessaloniki, Greece, is going to host the 10th EUROSLAG Conference, entitled “Slag based products -  best practices for Circular Economy”.

The Laboratory of Building Materials of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, EUROSLAG and AEIFOROS will jointly organize the upcoming event to share updated knowledge, ideas and research related to technical applications, environmental and legal aspects for all kinds of iron and steel slag. The Conference aims at bringing together all persons involved in processing, using and marketing slag from private companies, public authorities, research institutes, universities, technical schools or environment safety organizations.

As EUROSLAG is the association of organizations and companies concerned with all aspects of the manufacture and utilization of slag products, it represents metallurgical slag producers and processors ( Thessaloniki's main university, Aristotle University (AUTH), is the largest in Greece and in the Balkans. The Laboratory of Building Materials (AUTH) is devoted to research on utilization of industrial by-products and has organized international conferences on relevant topics (ACI, EUROCOALASH, Concrete Solutions, and RILEM). AEIFOROS S.A. belongs to SIDENOR Group and offers a large range of services in the field  of by-product management and valorization since 2001, contributing significantly to environmental protection. The company produces high quality recycled products such as slag aggregates for road constructions, ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as alternative raw materials for the industry.

We are looking forward to diverse presentations and interesting discussions about the  legal framework (developments in legislation, rules and standards in Europe and  other regions of the world), the utilization and best practices (sourcing and logistics, best practices for timely and effectively recycling and resource efficiency), as well as about research and innovation (characteristics of slag and slag based products, updated studies, research and demonstration projects, new techniques).

Further information and registration via the EUROSLAG Conference Website:

06th March 2019, FEhS institute, R. van Baal/Th. Reiche