Statistics 2019

Since 2000, EUROSLAG asks steel producing and processing companies in Europe to assess the importance of the different slag products. The results of the survey on production and use of Blast Furnace Slag (BFS) and Steel Furnace Slag (SFS) in 2019 are given by the following figures.

The results are based on Data from Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina (partly), Bulgaria, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy (partly), Netherlands, Poland (partly), Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and United Kingdom. Unfortunately, it exists a considerable gap between the production in those countries from which data were received and in all EU-28 countries, due to the fact that from the other countries it was not possible to obtain the data.

Extrapolating the received data based on the hot metal production and crude steel production published by world steel [1] it can be assumed that on the whole about 25.3 mio t of blast furnace slag and 21.4 mio t of steel furnace slag were produced in Europe 2019.

[1]   World Steel Association (Ed.): Steel Statistical Yearbook 2020 – Concise version, finalized November 2020, Brussels, Belgium