Consequences to be drawn from investiagtions within the REACH registration process

During the REACH registration process, numerous tests and investigations were required addressing the chemistry as well as the environmental and ecological effects of the registered substance. The effect of use of the substance on human health and the environment were especially examined. In this context, an extensive literature research was performed.

Additionally, numerous toxicity tests (e.g., skin and eye irritation, skin sensitisation, gene mutation in bacteria, cytogenicity in mammalian cells) and ecotoxicity tests (e.g., short- and long-term toxicity on invertebrates, effects on soil micro-organisms, toxicity to terrestrial plants, growth inhibition of algae) were carried out.

On the basis of the available test results, it could be shown, that the investigated ferrous slags do not release any dangerous substances in excess of maximum permitted levels specified in relevant European standards and Directives.