Position Papers

In order to support the standardisation work of the EU Commission and in this respect to express the opinions of the European steel industry, its affiliates and downstream users, EUROSLAG frequently elaborates position papers.  
In 2006, a position paper “The legal status of slags” was written, where arguments and applied measures were summarised to demonstrate that slag is produced parallel to steel as a product (and not as waste). It was stressed that slag which is intentionally generated by controlling and modifying its composition, its cooling conditions, its physical properties etc., has to be accepted as a product.

In 2011, a position paper titled “Position Paper on the Status of Ferrous Slag complying with the Waste Framework Directive (Articles 5 / 6) and the REACH Regulation” was written. It outlines the view of the European steel industry as represented by EURSLAG and EUROFER regarding the classification of ferrous slag based on prerequisites given by the Waste Framework Directive (Directive 2008/98/EC); especially with respect to Article 5 “By-products” and article 6 “End-of-Waste status”.