The EUROSLAG Association consists of ordinary members, associate members and honorary members.

Organs of the Association are:

  • General Assembly
  • Board

The General Assembly consists of representatives from the members and takes place each year in autumn. This forum elects board members, decides on the chairmanship of the organisation and deals with any major policy issues.

The Board consists of six members – each from a different country - that were elected by the General Assembly. The chairman is a further member of the Board by virtue of his office. The board is responsible for the day to day running of the organisation.

The chairman of EUROSLAG is Thomas Reiche of FEhS, Duisburg, Germany.

EUROSLAG operates through a number of expert groups, which are formed to take on existing challenges faced by the association and its members.

Current expert groups (EGs) are:

  • EG Communication 
  • EG Fertilizer
  • EG Review of European Standards
  • EG Steam Test
  • EG Dangerous Substances