Recently published reports

Toxicity assessment and geochemical model of chromium leaching from AOD slag
Liu B., Li J., Zeng Y., Wang Z. (2016)
Chemosphere 144

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Leaching modelling of slurry-phase carbonated steel slag
Costa G., Polettini A., Pomi R., Stramazzo A. (2016)
Journal of Hazardous Materials 302

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Comparison of the chemical corrosion resistance of magnesia-based refractories by stainless steelmaking slags under vacuum conditions 
Chen L., Malfliet A., Jones P., Blanpain B., Guo M. (2016)
Ceramics International 42

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In service performance of Steelphalt products
Dunford A., Nicholls J.C., Viner H. and Sanders P.D. (2015)

Steel furnace slag aggregate expansion and hardened concrete properties
Alexander S. Brand, , Jeffery R. Roesler (2015)
Cement and Concrete Composites 60

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Preliminary investigation on the pozzolanic activity of superfine steel slag
Yan S., Haiyan C., Jia W., Qiming F. (2015)
Construction and Building Materials 82

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Effect of mechanical activation of slags on the physical  properties of blended cements with steel making slags
Kermani F, Hatami F. (2014)
Jökull Journal 64

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