During a congress on iron and steel slag - held in Duisburg at the FEhS-Institute in 1993 - an idea to form an international organisation dealing with iron and steel slag matters was born. The situation with regard to representation of slag interests on the European level was unsatisfying. During this meeting, representatives of 10 European countries agreed to create a Working Group "Metallurgical By-Products" managed by the FEhS-Institute.

Biannual meetings of the Working Group – finally consisting of 20 members from 12 European countries - were organised to exchange information, monitor European regulations/standardisations, develop product image of slag and propose targets for new research work. The successful co-operation of 12 European countries over seven years (1993-2000) was the birth of EUROSLAG, the European Slag Association.

In 2000, the first statutes of EUROSLAG were laid down, two years after the 1st European Slag Conference in Marseille, France, where the need for statutes of the association was expressed. Three years later, the members decided that EUROSLAG shall have the legal form of a registered association, therefore, replacing the statues from 2000. The present version, which was agreed by all EUROSLAG members in 2004, includes all relevant requirements and is the basis of the association’s work. The statutes of EUROSLAG as a registered association are accepted by the local court of Duisburg, Germany.